Books about electron crystallography

Electron Crystallography

Electron Microscopy and Electron Diffraction

Authors: Xiaodong Zou, Sven Hovmöller and Peter Oleynikov

Crystallography  of the  Polymethylene  Chain 

Douglas Dorset, Oxford Science  Publications IUCr Monographs on Crystallography 17 , 2005 ,

ISBN  0-19-852908-2


Douglas  Dorset  PLENUM  PRESS   1995, ISBN 0-306-45049-6

ATLAS  OF  ELECTRON  DIFFRACTION  ZONE-AXIS PATTERNS                                      

Prof. J.P Morniroli   Univ of Lille  (France)

FREE  DOWNLOAD    (Atlas + several  lectures  on  Precession Diffraction)      

Uniting  Electron Crystallography and  Powder  Diffraction

Edited  by Ute Kolb , K.Shankland, L.Meshi, A.Avilov, W.David  Springer 

Erice Italy 2-12 June 2011