DigiSTAR: Advanced TEM electron diffraction tool for nanocrystal structure determination

•DigiSTAR digital precession electron diffraction unit is easily retrofit to any TEM 100- 300 KV (LaB6 /W – FEG) , alignments are stored in memory.

Ab-initio structure determination of (any nanostructure) metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals using precession electron diffraction intensities.

•Precession semi-angle variable from 0- 85 mrad (TEM dependent), spot distortion correction-compensation at high angles ( > 15 mrad )

• Precession frequency variable from 0.3-2.3 kHz (TEM dependent), suitable for beam sensitive samples

• Easy symmetry determination for nanocrystals (space and point group)

•Accurate stoichiometry refinement for nanostructures

•DigiSTAR can be easily retrofitted into various TEM in the same laboratory and can upgrade /enhance TEM functionalities for electron crystallography :

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