ESTEEM3 interviews:
Dr. Stavros Nicolopoulos,
Director of  NanoMEGAS SPRL

Partnership with Excelsus and BoRAS

A partnership was consolidated between the Belgian companies NanoMEGAS and Excelsus Structural Solutions SPRL, and the Norwegian company BoRAS (Bilde og Røntgenanalysesystemer AS) in the frame of a long term R&D project supported by European funds (Project Eurostars), with the goal of developing new analytical methods for the study of structural and microstructural properties of nanocrystalline and amorphous pharmaceuticals.

More precisely, this project aims at defining the conditions under which total scattering techniques already largely used to characterize inorganic materials using x-ray powder diffraction can also be exploited with electron diffraction and applied to the study of nanocrystalline and amorphous pharmaceuticals.

The complementarity between results obtained via electron diffraction and the more global information collected via synchrotron-radiation x-ray powder diffraction over a larger sample volume is largely exploited. Besides the development of this electron/x-ray combined technique for research and development purposes, the possibility for industries to use this method at a competitive price in the future is also being evaluated.

More here (in French): BM_Novembre_2017_low4_Innoviris