ACOM/TEM (ASTAR) : Automated crystal orientation mapping with TEMs

Dr. Edgar Rauch SiMAP Laboratory CNRS France


In this webinar Dr. Rauch introduces the  coupling  of scanning  Precession Electron diffraction patterns  (4D-STEM)  with  template matching approach to generate  orientation and phase maps (ASTAR system).   As  evidenced by the many published studies (more than 500 papers published using ASTAR  since 2009) this technique is well suited  to characterize  local orientation  and phase maps  (up to 1-2 nm resolution) in metals , alloys, minerals , nanostructures etc.. Using virtual apertures in ASTAR/ 4D-STEM images and correlation coefficient maps, superimposed secondary phases, hidden dislocations /defects  and amorphous areas can be clearly highlighted in the material under examination.