Advance Characterization of materials using PED /ACOM (ASTAR)

Dr. Partha Ghosal, DMRL India


In this webinar, Dr. Ghosal he is presenting various examples of how the combination of advanced characterization techniques (ASTAR with 3D diffraction tomography) are critical to understand material´s structural properties with processing conditions. In the first example characterization of brittle Ni-Cr-W fuel manifold in R-29 Aero-engine by ASTAR phase and orientation mapping in TE. A detailed study using 3D diffraction tomography revealed a novel Cr-rich M23C6 carbide cubic phase (a=9.6 nm) responsible for the failure.
In the second example oxidation resistant Pt-aluminide coatings (applied to advanced gas turbine engine component for enhancing high temperature capability) were studied with ASTAR. That present study examines the role of local microstructure on tensile failure mechanism of PtAl coatings. In the third example TiAlTaCrBC phase was studied by ASTAR phase and orientation mapping, which is used for turbine blade applications. Studies of this phase are important to understand the effects of minor elements on the microstructure.