Structural Characterization in TEM by Electron Pair Distribution function (e-PDF)

Dr. Partha Das Application Scientist NanoMEGAS Belgium


Understanding and possible prediction of material physical properties depends upon the knowledge of the atomic structure. Study of nanocrystalline or amorphous materials can be optimally performed with techniques like Pair Distribution Function (PDF) that is used to understand local atomic arrangement by using X-Ray, Neutron and Electron sources. Electron Diffraction related PDF (e- PDF) in Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) has the advantage over X- Ray or Neutron PDF technique that allows studying materials in local environment (nm scale instead of micron scale) by collecting (ED) patterns in short time (ms instead of hours with conventional X-Ray Au or Mo sources). In this webinar we will show how e-PDF has been recently applied to study nanoparticles and amorphous materials and it will also be demonstrated that e-PDF results matches well with equivalent X-Ray PDF.