Ultra fast external CCD camera for ED  pattern acquisition

For ASTAR orientation/phase mapping and strain applications, a dedicated external CCD camera (Stingray) is supplied for high speed ED pattern acquisition (180 frames per second (FPS) at 144x 144 resolution). The camera has 580×580 pixels resolution with (1,2,4) binning and dynamic range of 14 bit.

The external CCD camera is adaptable/retrofitable to any TEM binocular system in less than 5 min via special interface and is placed in front of TEM fluorescent screen.

The external CCD camera may also fit in a special side entry (35 mm port) optomechanical camera mount for various TEM microscopes (Tecnai, Talos, JEM 2010/2100, NeoARM, ACE 200, ARM 200F, JEOL F200, HF5000) and can be helpful in case of lack of fluorescent screen in latest generation TEMs.

Below are seen some examples: