Fronteers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics

25-28 March
NIST Gaithersburg USA


Fundametals on crystallograohy Workshop

1-7 April
Univ of Patras

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Quantitative Electron Microscopy 2013

13-24 May

St Augullf France


2013 26-31 May

Powder and Electron Crystallography workshop

8-12 July
Univ of Patras

Microscopy and Microanalysis

4-8 Aug
Indianapolis USA

MC 2013 Regensburg Germany

25-29 Aug 2013
Indianapolis USA

ECM 28 European Crystallographic Association Meeting Warwick UK

25-29 Aug 2013

PICO 2013 Fronteers of aberration corrected electron microscopy

9-12 Oct-2013 Kasteel Vaalsbroek , The Netherlands

EMAG Conference, York UK

Workshop on Precession Electron Diffraction, and Orientation & Strain Mapping in TEM

8 Nov 2013 UCLA

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Electron Crystallography School – Introduction to electron diffraction tomography

07.4.2014 – 11.04.2014, Darmstadt


ASTAR and graphene research on Italian television

ASTAR has been used to check the crystal quality of graphene in the research carried out by the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia at the Center for Nanotechnology Innovation@NEST in Pisa, Italy. More>

Researchers at Cambridge University and NanoMEGAS
reveal detailed organic thin film structure with ASTAR

TEM orientation mapping, is becoming an increasingly popular and important technique. There has been significant instrumental development in recent years by the SME involved in JRA1, Nanomegas, enabling precession electron diffraction (PED) patterns to be acquired pixel by pixel across a scanned area. Such 4D data sets can be analysed to provide high resolution (ca. 1nm) phase-identification and orientation maps.
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